HuFu Pizza

Let's make the world a better place.

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30% of sales donated to Action against Hunger (up to $50,000)
Open a new restaurant represented by the NFT image after $50,000

A little taste from our kitchen


  • 30% will be donated to Action against Hunger while sales from the NFT will be less than $50,000.

    We will open a new restaurant when $50,000 is reached. We want to distribute several free pizzas every day for people who need it.

  • Because what is more important than happiness?
    When you give a gift, you can see the first few seconds, only a few seconds of pure happiness. Isn't that enough? Is it not worth it?
    To do something good just for someone you don't know, who may have a bad day and you will improve it even by a little bit.
    For us each of these moments counts.
    That's why we do it.

    Let's build something new together, something that people care about, something that will improve someone's life and bring joy to you and us as well.

  • Many people want to become rich to help themselves, we want to be rich to help others. WE ARE DIFFERENT.

    • Donate 30% to charities.
    • Open own restaurants with free pizzas.
    • The NFTs will be special because we want to build restaurants for every NFT.
    • The owner of NFT will own his own restaurant and can decide the future.


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